Monday, July 16, 2012

Ferrell Family Reunion: Aspen Grove 2012

A quick look at our favorites times...

Koda's Favorite: Snuggling with anyone who could get their hands on him

Brennen's Favorite: Water games

Oakley's Favorite: Frontier Night

Kalle's Favorite: Aspen Follies

Amber's Favorite: Big smiles on their faces all week long

Brandt's Favorite: The Ferrell's winning the volleyball tournament.
 And just for your viewing pleasure from the family talent show:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Koda Brandt Palmer

Our sweet Koda was born on Monday night, June 11, 2012. After having contractions for most of the day Sunday, the doctor said I would go anytime at my appointment on Monday morning. Starting around noon, my contractions started getting stronger and closer together. I was hesitant to think about heading to the hospital because I wasn't sure I was actually in labor. Maybe the contractions were just going to stop. The doc said to go get checked out anyway. The contraction kept getting stronger and I was progressing, so I was admitted around 6:45 and immediately asked for an epidural- yes, I have a pretty low pain tolerance. Well, the epidural worked amazingly well, but also made me sicker than a dog. I say it was well worth it. 

Before Koda was born

Koda Brandt Palmer
June 11, 2012
10:17 pm
7 lbs, 2 oz
20 3/4 in

Koda and Dad

 Koda and Mom

The team. Seriously the best Doctor and Nurse ever.

The sweet angel. Really such a dream. We are totally in love.

Koda and Brennen

Koda and Kalle

Koda and Oakley

I love love love this video. The whole thing is great, but wait until the last few seconds and you will why it is so perfect.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Top Left: March 3, 2005-- 7 days before Kalle was born
Top Right: November 18, 2006-- 6 days before Oakley was born
Bottom Left: April 12, 2008-- 2 days before Brennen was born
Bottom Right: June 10, 2012-- 1 day before baby #4 was born 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lehi Days 2012

Such a great family activity and definitely a new family tradition- Lehi days was so much fun!

Dressing up
Mutton busting (sheep riding)
Petting zoo
Brennen begging to ride a sheep
Greased pig chase
Pony rides
Candy, candy, candy (those darn clowns never ran out!)
Perfect weather
Being together

Brennen, Kalle, Jaxon, and Oakley

Brennen wasn't old enough to ride a sheep but thought he was some pretty hot stuff on a horse!

Oakley's horse just wanted to eat some hay

Kalle was in heaven at the rodeo. Horses are just about her very favorite thing in the world.

The kids impressed me with their attention span. They watched at the fence the whole time and loved it- we are talking hours!

Getting ready for the greased pig chase

They were a little nervous- a good cousin hug can solve that!

There were sure a lot of kids chasing after three small pigs. Oakley is sure he caught one of the pigs first and was a bit disappointed not to be declared the winner.

Girls Jr. Mutton busting. Kalle's sheep was quick!

Oakley ready for his 8 seconds of glory. Unfortunately for him, it only lasted about one and a half... and he LOVED it!

Oakley and Jaxon watching the action

Best buds waiting for their turn

The petting zoo...
Kalle loved this little chicken

Oakley holding a duck... it was one patient duck

Brennen chased and held every animal he could get his hands on

And for you viewing pleasure...
Oakley on his sheep

Kalle on her sheep- Brennen's little voice in the background warms my heart.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adam and Steve

O: Mom, who was the first prophet on the Earth?
M: Adam... you remember Adam and Eve?
O: Eve? I have an Eve in my church class. He's my friend!
M: Eve is a boy?
O: Oh yeah... it's Steve.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day (by Brandt)

Why do you love your mom?

Kalle: "Because she does everything for me."

Oakley: "Because she does things for me."

Brennen: "Because she is the best mom ever."

In summary -
TIME! She spends time with us. She plays with us. She takes care of us. She reads to us. She cries with us. She laughs with us. She puts her dreams on hold for a little while to be the best mom we could ask for. She loves us.

Why do you love your wife?

Brandt: "Amber is fun to spend time with. She is funny (not all of the time, but she thinks she is funny during those times too, so that in and of itself is funny). She knows my thoughts before I do. She is patient. She is gorgeous! She genuinely cares for others. She likes to have fun. She looks for the good in me (which is not the easiest to find sometimes) and others. She is devoted to me, our family, and her faith. She is sincere. She is a wonderful mother to our children.

In summary -
Because she is my best friend!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kids say the darndest things

I know I am biased, but my kids have been cracking me up lately with the things they say. So I have tried to write them down when I have a pen handy...

Brennen, looking at his new goldfish, "Mom, Aqua has BIG eyebrows!"

Oakley's prayer one night: "Please help Jesus to come back to earth again. Please help Laman and Lemuel to come back to Earth and to be not mean- nice! And please help them not to kill anybody when they come back to earth. Please help us to be nice and kind, and please help us to share with others."

A conversation from the car... This one pretty much melted my heart and cracked me up at the same time.
Me: Oakley, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Oakley: A Missionary.
Me: Kalle, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Kalle: I will go on a mission, and get married in the temple, and live on a farm... with a horse.
Me: What if your husband doesn't want to live on a farm?
Kalle: I will only marry someone who loves Heavenly Father and wants to live on a farm!
Me: Brennen, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Brennen: A cow!

Brennen, as the three kids play with their piggy banks, "My piggy bank is different from Oakley and Kalle's. Mine has sunshine on it!"

Kalle's prayer, "We are thankful Mari's daddy didn't die when his heart blew up. Please help him to feel better."

Oakley told me one day he didn't want to get married. I said he didn't have to, but I thought he would change his mind once he got older. He said, "Ok, I will. But, when I get married... I'm kinda scared. You know- to bend her over." (As he does a dancing dipping motion)

All three kids were coloring pictures. Kalle said she was making hers for Daddy. Oakley said he was making his for cousin Jaxon. Brennen thought about it for a minute and said, " I'm making this for Jesus when he comes back to Earth."

Oakley, after seeing a picture of Uncle Jared holding a rattle snake, "The whole world is getting snakey!"

Last night I was teasing Brandt.
Brennen: Why are you guys laughing?
Me: Because I am teasing Daddy.
Brennen: Why?
Me: Because I like to tease him.
Brennen: Why?
Me: Because he is my best friend.
Brennen (with a look like I am absolutely crazy): No he's NOT! He's your MOTHER!

This one is an oldie but goodie from Kalle:
Kalle: Mom, I will marry Jaxon (her cousin)
Me: What about Oakley? I thought you wanted to marry him?
K: Uh, he can marry Samara (Kalle's friend), and we will all live in this house.
M: What about me and Daddy?
K: Sorry- it will be too crowded.
M: Yes, especially when you have a baby.
K: I will name my first baby Lilly... or my horse.
M:Oh yeah? What will you name your first boy?
K: Um... Rocky or Judas!