Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Parties and Accidents

This past week has been very busy and full of fun. I was not quite done with our "real" costumes when we went to our apartment complex halloween party. So we inprovised on costumes... My sister Ashley and Cousin Jaxon came, and also My cousin Heather brought her family. The party was a little lame, but the company made the party a blast. Also I won one of the candy guessing jars and won a jar full of candy corn... yuck!! Hopefully your family is enjoying that Heather! ;)

For our ward's trunk-or-treat our family wore our "real" costumes. We were a family of Where's Waldos. It was a fun costume, but a lot of work. I should have started the majority of the costumes BEFORE saturday morning when we wanted to wear them that night. But they turned out and we had a lot of fun. (although most people knew what we were, we had some interesting guesses like candy canes and Dr. Suess characters.)

Lastly, on Monday, on lamp fell on Oakley and sliced his cheek/eye area . Luckily we have an E.R. doc in the family (thank you Brit) and we just drove to his house and he took care of it with cut glue... much better than stitches if you ask me!

All in all we have had a fun week!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Baby Katie is BORN!!!!

My sister-in-law AnnaMarie and my brother Tyler (mostly AnnaMarie though) finally had Baby Katie a week ago. Kalle has been so excited that most of our conversations these days revolve around baby Katie, having a baby in your tummy, how the baby gets out of the tummy, why the baby makes you sick in the tummy, and when she gets to see baby Katie. As you can see from the pictures, Katie is just the most beautiful baby around. I wanted to post a picture of Katie here on the blog so I said Kalle could pick her favorite (she had about 12 to choose from). After carefully looking them all over she told me her favorite was the one with "Aunt AnnaMwee." I thought it would only be fair if we showed the proud father as well.

Kalle is very sad to have one of her grandma's missing in action for a week. She is also sad that she will not get to see Baby Katie for awhile. Here is how she feels:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ferrell Family Halloween Party

I have been looking forward to having a halloween party ever since about february. I have never had one before and was really looking forward to it. It finally arrived on Saturday and it was SO much fun. We ate with the lights off (by candle light) and had spooky music playing in the background...
A cauldren with dry ice for a spooky effect at the table. You can't really see it, but all the chairs have spider webs wrapped around them.
The beverages... Nuclear waste (Hot apple cider punch) and Putrid Punch (sherbet punch with gummy worm cubes)
Dragon teeth (roasted pumpkin seeds) and Brains and skull bones (chips and onion dip)
The tastiest (thanks Nedra) nose-blow burritos EVER!!! (burritos with shredded chicken, beans, guac, and sour cream... for the snot effect)
I forgot to take the lid off the pumpkin... but inside was edible rotting pumpkin (funeral potatos with green food coloring)
Dessert! Graveyard dirt with R.I.P. tombstones (fluffy pudding with crumbled oreos and a cookie for the tombstone... look closely and you can see the RIP!)

After dinner we all carved pumpkins!
Kalle pointing to her pumpkin "kitty" with my pumkin next to hers "cartoon frankenstein"

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Brandt... The BIG 2-7!!!

The greatest guy I know is having a birthday tomorrow (Oct.9).
Here are some of the special times we have had:

Brandt and Amber get engaged Feb. '03

Kalle is born March '05

Oakley is born Nov. '06

Brandt's birthday dinner. Please don't hold what I look like against me- I am sick and pregnant!

Brandt, thanks for being the greatest Dad and Husband ever. We LOVE you!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Brandt's Fall Break

Kalle, Oakley, and I have had a great week with Brandt being home for fall break. Here are a few pictures of what has gone on in the past week...
My little water baby!

Emily and the girls came to visitfor a week. Kalle was Peyton's little shadow!

Oakley slept a lot like usual... I though this picture was so cute with his little bum in the air!

Kalle and Oakley had so much fun spending more time with dad. Kalle's new favorite saying is "Dad, will you play a game with me?" Brandt has found a new love for candy land!

Oakley discovered my attempt at balcony gardening. I came out and just had to take a picture. He really did take a huge bite!

Boy do these kids sure love Grammie and Grandpa!