Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Festivities

Christmas this year seemed better than any before. I could write about 10 pages about it, but I will try to really condense.

1.Ryan, Emily, and the girls came down from California for the holiday. Of course Kalle was ecstatic because she thinks Peyton comes just to visit her. The kids have ahd fun playing outside on the powerwheels grandpa recently got.

Yes, this next picture is of Jaxon (age 1) driving Oakley (age 1) in the passenger seat, with Peyton (age 6) in the back!

2. The Palmer family Christmas party was especially special this year because Kalle was finally old enough to be part of the nativity story. Uncle Jared was so wonderful to help her (even though some of the other boys his age thought they were "too cool" to go on stage, Uncle Jared rose to the occasion and helped Kalle have a blast- what a guy!), and they were wise men. It was so cute- I was close to tears the entire time.

3. Christmas eve was super as usual with the Ferrell clan. We started off with the traditional Christmas eve dinner of homemade soups and salads and mom's cheesecake for dessert...yum! Then as everything was cleaned up the kids played. Kalle just melted my heart as she snuggled right up to her oldest cousin Taylor.

We then moved on to the singing of the carols with instruments and numerous parades around the house. Unfortunately,we only took video of this part and I haven't learned how to upload that yet.

Next came the ever popular "game." This is only for the adults. Although it has changed immensely through the years, it is still as fun as ever- especially when the cards seem to fall in your favor. This is what happened. Mom and Dad Ferrell supply most of the gifts while the rest of us bring two or three per couple. Most of the gifts are gift certificates, though there were some other pretty awesome things. All of the gifts sit in the middle of the circle wrapped- you don't know what's inside. Everyone chooses numbers and sits in that order. Somehow, I ended up with number 1 with Brandt and Scott sitting at my sides (this should have been my first clue that this was going to be good). So we go around the circle, taking turns picking the wrapped gifts until they are gone. We then open them and go around the circe to see what everyone got. Here is where the fun begins. Number 1 (me) then gets to trade any one of my gifts with any one of anyone else's gifts. I believe my first trade was one of my gift certificates for 2 BYU shirts- one for Oakley and one for Brandt. Then number 2 does the same thing. We go around this way until everyone has had three trades. The interesting thing is that every item has a three steal limit- so you have to play a little strategy if there is something you really want. Well, what I really wanted was one of the nativity scenes. I talked Scott (sitting to my left) into stealing it from Mom first, then I stole it from him ( steal 2), then Brandt (sitting to my right) stole it from me (steal three and out of play). Well, in the end, all Scott wanted was the two airline tickets, so we got those for him, and he gave us all of his other gifts. When all was said and done we ended up with some exciting stuff- gift certificates to Chilis, Applebees, Macaroni Grill, Flos, Paradise Bakery,and Crackers- 2 BYU shirts- 4 awesome christmas CDs- deluxe scrabble, and my nativity set.

The night ended with Mom's light of Christ activity (where most ended up crying) and Dad reading in Luke 2. This was my favorite part of the whole night.

4. Christmas day was also crazy fun. We woke up and opened gifts here at our house before 6:30 am. Brandt spoiled me with some fun gifts including my new calendar (a tradition), a new orange juicer, and my favorite smoothie mix. Then we got WAY spoiled at Grandma Palmer and Grandpa James's house where the kids were in heaven. We opened gifts, had an excellent homemade breakfast, and got to relax while the kids played with their new things. Once again, we only video taped it... no still pictures. :(

Christmas was perfect because we got to spend it with all the people who mean the most to us. Then all of the fun came to an end when we got called the next morning to give a talk in church THIS sunday... yikes!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Being honest DOES pay off!

Today I got a pair of $40 maternity jeans for FREE! How? you might ask... Some might say it was paying my tithing- others might say the employee didn't want to take the effort to get them back- I think it was because I was honest! Today I decided I needed some new maternity clothes. It was not a want anymore. I have one pair of pants that I have worn through the previous two pregnancies and are now getting holes in them. I have two church outfits, but one will not fit until I am past seven months along. I have plenty of shirts, but they are getting worn out. Plus who wants to wear the same shirt in six different colors because you got them on sale for $3 each... NOT me anymore. You know that it is really necessary when Brandt agrees that I might need a few new things (we'll just say hes frugal). So today was the day to get some clothes. I headed to the mall. I hit mervyns first because we have a few gift cards there we have been saving for an emergency just like this. Of course they have no maternity section. I tried sears to find out the same thing. What??? Where do pregnant people shop these days? I got a tip to try JC Pennies just to find they have about 2 racks of nothing I would ever wear. Well, I didn't not want to go home defeated... plus it is not everyday you have a babysitter for 3 hours. So I walked over to Motherhood Maternity knowing it would be the most expensive place I have shopped in a long time. Of course I get in there to find A LOT of really cute stuff. I try on about 100 things knowing I could only buy a few (that were on clearance). I finally decide on 2 shirts, 2 dresses (I know I splurged, but one was practically free). The only thing is I can't decide on the jeans. I like both pairs. Neither are on sale (of course), because I can only wear maternity pants without a belly panel (they make me sick). The ones without the panels always sell out quick and never go on sale. So, as I go up to the register, I decide to get both the $30 pair and the $40 pair. As she is ringing me up I come to my senses and realize what I am about to do. Does my family want to eat for the next month or not? So I tell the girl that I have decided against the $40 pair. She takes it off my bill. To make a long story short, I am driving home and notice that both pairs of jeans are in my bag. This must be a sad joke. I take a look at the reciept, and she had not charges me for them. I get home and call the store back. "What do you want me to do with them?" I ask. I don't know when I will be back to the mall. I could mail them to you (if you send me the money first!) The girl didn't know what to do. She asked the boss. I hear the boss in the background saying, "If I got home with some pants they had given me by mistake, I would keep them. Tell her to keep them for being honest." So even though I probably only got to keep them because they didn't want to go through the effort to send me money to ship them back, I get to keep a FREE pair of jeans. YAY!

Sleepover with Uncles... what could be more fun?

Last weekend, Jordan and Jared sleptover at our house while Grandma Palmer and Grandpa James went out of town. Kalle was so excited the whole time she could hardly calm down. They were great with Kalle and Oakley, and I had a lot of fun, too. I am not sure that Brandt even knew they were here since he had to study, study, study! :)
And yes, just call us white trash- that IS a hole in Oakley's pajamas. The boy just grows too fast to keep buying him new pairs... maybe someday!

We took pictures!

Yesterday, we decided to go see santa at the mall. We got pictures (where both my kids were actually smiling) and then went and took pics at sears. It was not the best of photo shoots... but hey- we are smile saver members, so it was FREE!

Scar-Face... right around the corner

It seems like multiple times a day, Oakley falls and hits his head on something. This was one of the more dramatic of his facial injuries. I was trying to pack, and he pulled a lamp right on his face. We had to go get cut glue administered. Yesterday we had pictures taken at the mall, and, not 2 minutes after Oakley's pictures were over, he fell and now has a huge rug burn on his forhead... I guess boys will be boys.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Thanksgiving at Great Gram&Gramp Clifford's

Thanksgiving presented a wonderful break from packing and studying for us this year. It was so fun to hang out with Brandt's Mom's side of the family. Kalle decided that Great Grandpa Clifford was going to be her favorite person and spent a good amount of the time on his lap talking to him... boy was he surprised!!!