Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

Kalle says the funniest things and just cracks me up all throughout the day. I always tell myself I want to post the things she says, then forget exactly what they were by the time I am by the computer. Today though, I wrote them down right when she said them... here are three that made me smile this morning:

After having a very weird and confusing what I thought was a conversation with Kalle, she says, "Mom- PLEASE stop talking to me. I'm trying to talk to the moon!"

After she realizes she has a canker sore in her mouth, she says, "Mom, I'm so sorry for getting a kangaroo in my mouth."

We bought a bottle at the store for Oakley today. It had a little piece of paper with cautions inside that Kalle wanted. I handed it to her and she unfolded it. She said, "Mom, I will read it to you. It says, 'Thank you for buying bottles at the grocery store for your baby.'"

Here is a picture that we took yesterday of her doing something that her mother cannot break her from... biting her toenails:

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I have been thinking about dreams a lot lately. First because for Sunday school we read about Lehi's dream. But mostly because I have had two interesting ones lately. I have never been one to have an abundance of crazy, funny, or scary dreams. Just mostly boring or weird things that don't mean anything to me, and I usually don't remember past a few minutes after I wake up. I have had the occasional nightmare- really only five or six in my whole life (before this past week anyway). Two of them happened right after Brandt's Dad passed away. One was of Brandt's little brother Jordan falling through the middle of a spiral staircase about 10 floors down. The other was of his other little brother Jared falling into one of those sewage drains on the side of the road while it was raining really hard. Well, in the past week, I have had two, and boy were they terrible. The first one was that I was giving Kalle and Oakley up for adoption. I changed my mind at the last second, but they said it was too late- I could not have them back... thinking about it now still makes me want to cry. The other was last night and nearly as bad. Brandt decided that he didn't love me anymore and thought we needed some time apart. In my dream, the next night he was already getting set up on dates. It was not a fun dream. I guess these dreams just show where my insecurities lie- in losing my kids or Brandt. If you have any ideas on how NOT to have nightmares, please let me know. I will keep you posted on any weird dreams in the near future.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Kalle's First Date

Though Kalle is not yet 16, she did have her first date tonight-- with her Daddy! She has been begging for a "Daddy-Daughter" date for awhile. She got to pick the activity and also got to get a treat. Even though it is 50 degrees outside, she chose to go swimming at the clubhouse and take sundaes from McDonald's to enjoy while swimming. All day today she has been bouncing off the walls with excitement. By the time Brandt got home from school she could barely contain herself (as you can see from the "before" pictures). It was too cold for anything but the hot tub, but she had the time of her life and is already asking when they can do it again!



Monday, January 14, 2008

Which presidential candidate fits you best?

Because I have not yet researched the candidates, I am not sure which one I will be voting for. Anyway, here is a really fun website. It is a quiz that asks about your political views, then tells you all the candidates and how well you match their views. Mitt Romney was my closest match with a 49%. Hilary Clinton was my worst match... but I could have told you that!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Ok, so this post is over a week late, but I just wanted to give a shout out to the best sister in the entire world!!!! It was my sister Ashley's birthday on January 2nd, and she turned 29. We haven't always gotten along great (we were the only daughters in the family and five years apart... what do you expect?), but now she is one of my very best friends, and I am so excited that we can hang out together now that I am back in AZ. Here are 29 of the things I love most about her...
1. She always made sure I looked my best when I was little... she always wanted to do my hair (of course I rarely let her) and she even let me chop it to ears length (even though she had specific instructions to only let me have a trim at the mall) when I was about 8... nice, but bad idea.
2. She loves me even though 2 or 3 of her many black eyes from childhood were my fault.
3. She’s smart, reads SO fast, and can kick my booty in jeoparty.
4. She can go off drinking soda for months at a time... I have tried- it is impossible.
5. I love her thick, black hair (especially when it is super long)- she could be a hair model.
6. She’s loyal and she will always be there for her friends.
7. She is always encouraging me to try new things... like when I was little and she encouraged me to take a lick of the hand lotion because it smelled so much like cream puffs... it didn't taste like it.
8. She always let me borrow her clothes, even when she didn’t know it :)
9. She didn't yell at me too loud when I would spy on her and her dates... how could she, my parents might have heard and then asked me about it.
10. She made Jaxon and works so hard to be a great mom.
11. She introduced me to Brandt... and almost ruined any chance I had with him by bragging about test scores... how embarrassing!
12. She would wear matching vests with me and let me play 4 square with her friends in elementary school.
13. She is one of the most well spoken people I know... this is a big deal to me since I feel like a dud most of the time when I open my mouth.
14. She is one of the only people I would want to drive across Germany with for 3 days straight sharing one bench of a utility van. But next time I would prefer her not to have a bladder problem and have to stop for the bathroom every 20 minutes.
15. She is VERY QUICKLY becomeing an excellent photographer... you should see some of her stuff!
16. She is probably the most creative person I know.
17. She wore a bright pink dress to my wedding without argument because thats what I wanted.
18. She is funny and tells great stories.
19. She tried out for who wants to be a millionaire with me... we both still want to be millionaires!
20. She's ambidextrus
21. I can still remember when I was about 3 and I would refuse to go to bed unless I got to lay by her for a few minutes first- she let me.
22. She tells a great joke about Jackie Chan and Burger King... you should ask her about it... but not in public.
23. She can laugh about almost getting eaten alive by a giant german shephard.
24. She is not embarrassed to tell a lady that her four year old daughter has a nastily stinky diaper at the play area at the mall... we had to leave because I was about to throw up, and the girl kept running past us.
25. She does not hold it agains't me that I asked her boyfriend (now husband) if he would play with my hair when they were dating.
26. She let me rip hairs out of her big toe with tweezers after just putting ice on it (for any of you who don't know... do not put ice somewhere you are about to tweeze... it closes pores and hair folicles). I think she actually cried.
27. I learned how to flirt from the best (her)... I have pictures of her sitting on Brandt's lap hugging him, and of just their feet hanging out of a toilet stall from the day before I met him.
28. She is a good listener and a very good communicator.
29. She is a wonderful example to me of service, an excellent YW president, and I couldn't as for a better sister!
Happy Birthday, Sis.
We took this picture together yesterday...

My little sweetie is gone...

Oakley has made a 180 degree change when it comes to personality over the last three or four days. For those of you who are not frequent Palmer blog readers, he used to be what I called "my little love bug." He was always gentle, sweet, and gave hugs and kisses throughout the day. Well, this is no more. Now, if he does not get what he wants, when he wants it, he throws his head back as hard as he can, screams a high pitch scream, and is uncontrollable. I SURE do hope this is just a phase!
Here is Oakley, laying on the floor, kicking his legs and screaming.
Here he is trying the get up the slide...
He almost makes it, but slips down AGAIN. Unfortunately, my camera takes a few seconds between pictures, and I did not get a chance to take the picture of him screaming and continuously hitting his head on the slide...
So, he tries the smaller slide.

Monday, January 7, 2008

A Day on the Road

I am so sad to say that this is our last week of fun before Brandt goes back to school. We are having such a blast with him home! Here are a few shots of some festivities from today: a family bike ride!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Enjoying the time...

Kalle, Oakley, and I have really loved having Brandt home from School. We get to spend all day together (Brandt might be ready for school sooner than later!) and play, play, play. Here was our day today:
Kalle loves to feed Oakley her breakfast... yes, he loves it, too!

Kalle got a new bed we have been trying to clean and put together.

The best part of our day? We had a family parade- We turned up "You're a Grand 'Ol Flag," and marched around the house, following Kalle. Oakley enjoyed being carried around more than
walking himself... how spoiled!