Friday, March 28, 2008


Kalle: Momma, it smells outside!

Me: What does it smell like?

Kalle: It smells like Pumpkin Stinkers!

I just hate it when the neighbor's pumpkin comes into our yard to do his business!

I don't need you anymore Mom!

This is what Oakley would be saying he were talking more. He decided yesterday that he is done letting me feed him anymore. Kalle decided this about the same age, so I guess it is normal... but VERY messy!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter FHE

Last monday we were at a Palmer family party, so today we had our Easter family home evening. It was so much fun because yesterday Kalle watched the whole Lamb of God video with me, so tonight she knew all of the answers. We dipped eggs to top it off... what a fun night!

Kalle dipping the eggs (we are still working on a picture smile!)

Our finished products (Kalle dropped two of the eggs during dipping... oh well!)

Oakley enjoyed some cream puff filling during dipping (It is not rotten- I had dyed it green)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Kalle's Birthday Party

This post is a little late, but... better late than never! Kalle had another wonderful family birthday party with Brandt's side of the family. She LOVED being the center of attention and opening presents again. She also loved seeing Great Grandma and Grandpa Clifford- such a treat! Of course being spoiled by the regulars (Grandma Palmer, Uncle Jordan, and Uncle Jared) was great, too.

Mom made my favorite cake- angel food cake. Of course Oakley and I helped!

Great Grandma and Grandpa Clifford!

Grandma Palmer always knows how to make me smile!

My Uncles are the BEST!

Monday, March 17, 2008

My little Mary(s)

Kalle has been trying to dance like Mary in the Easter pageant ever since she saw it. She loved the way Mary danced to "Mary's Lullaby." So today we downloaded it from itunes and the kids danced like Mary for about 15 minutes. Good thing I love the song, otherwise I would be going out of my mind by now- she has not let me turn it off for about an hour now.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yes, we have NO bananas...OK, we have 3.

Why, you might ask. It is because we have a banana loving monster at our house. His name is Oakley, and he would eat bananas for every meal if we let him. Yesterday alone he at 4.5 bananas. These were not small bananas either. They were medium/large. From Monday through Friday of last week, we got 4 bunches of bananas from the store (5-6 bananas per bunch) and we only have 3 bananas left! SO watch out if you love bananas, there might not be any left in the stores once Oakley is done...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know I am about a month late, but tonight Brandt and I celbrated Valentine's Day. Brandt had a VERY busy February with school, so we decided to celebrate it during his spring break. Every year I am in charge of Valentine's Day and Brandt is in charge of our anniversary. So my plan was for us to go to the Melting Pot. I have always wanted to go there for a three course meal. But when I looked at prices online, it seemed we would be spending over $100- something we definitely can't afford right now. Then I had the ingenious idea of having our own fondue night. Buying a fondue pot only cost $30- way cheaper than going to the restaurant, and we get to keep it. We had such a fun time and great food! Here is what it looked like:

Cheese Fondue with bread, carrots, and celery to dip. We had "Guarana," one of Brandt's favorite drinks from his mission in Brazil. I had to have it shipped here, but it was worth it because Brandt LOVES it!

Next we had meats with lots of different dip choices. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't Brandt's favorite. He is the most paranoid person I know about uncooked meat, and I think he was too nervous.

Lastly, and WOW was it tasty, was dessert. Chocolate "smore" fondue. We had strawberries, apples, bananas, angel food cake, oreos, and graham crackers. I thought we would not eat even half of the food, but we ate all of it except two of the oreos... it was GOOD!

The Mesa Easter Pageant

We went to the Easter Pageant on the first night it was on. We saw "Reflections of Christ," had a picnic, and played catch. Then Brandt took Oakley home for bed while Kalle and I waited for the show to start. She liked seeing all the actors in their costumes (as long as they still looked normal)... that is until she spotted one of the roman soldiers. Kalle is my little darling who does not love people dressed up in things she is not used to. She would not even get off my lap to take a picture with an angel. Luckily, we got two good pictures with 4 of the ten virgins before she got nervous. After it was over, she said she wanted to be an angel in the pageant when she grows up. What a cutie!

FHE tomatoes- and a sensitive husband

This week for FHE we learned about working together as a family and about having a family garden. We then planted our first vegetable (and probably the only thing we will be planting this season)- Tomatoes! That night, I read to Brandt that they should get no colder than 55 degrees. The next morning I came outside, and this is what I saw (what a sensitive guy!):

Did you know...

That 37 weeks is full term these days? I didn't. Well, that's what I'm shooting for... 2 and a half weeks here I come!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Just so you know...

Brandt told me that my last post (the part about being contagious) was a little misleading, so I need to clarify. This virus usually only affects those 2 and under. We are keeping him at home, and hope that none of the rest of us get sick.

Oakley Update

Oakley continued to throw up after his nap. We took him to the emergency room (My brother is an ER doctor- so we took him up to Scottsdale where we had EXCELLENT service) where he got an IV. He continued to throw up and was transferred (by ambulance!) to a different hospital's pediatrics unit. We stayed there over night and throughout the next day. I practically had to insist that they let us go home Saturday night! He has Rotavirus which is a virus of the small intestines, causes throwing up and diahrea (dehydration- the reason Oakley had to be hospitalized), lasts about a week, and is VERY VERY contagious. Luckily, Kalle has shown no signs so far... we will see. Oakley is no longer throwing up, but has diahrea and is pretty weak. He is getting better though. Luckily, Brandt has the week off for spring break, and I am not dealing with this alone. Thats about it for us!
Oakley mostly just sleeps or chills on the couch watching his sister play... poor guy!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I hate throw up!

Warning!!! This blog post is not for those with weak stomachs...

Oakley is so sick today. Who knows what caused it. He woke up at the regular time, but I immediately knew something was amiss as I walked into his room... the stench! His room smelled like one big bowl of puke. Then as he took a bath, he decided to have it all come out the other end. As I was trying to clean it up, I couldn't stop gagging and finally threw up myself. Next, we took my parents to the airport where Oakley threw up all over himself, and his car seat, and the car was stinky...ugh! He has continued this trend since then (throwing up every 20 minutes or so). I really should stop giving him water, but he is so thirsty... I feel bad for the poor guy. Luckily, I have dealt with throw up enough that I can tell when it is coming, and it has not hit the carpet once. So... sorry for the gross post, but I needed to vent! He fell asleep about an hour ago, so wish me luck for when he wakes up!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kalle's early birthday party.

Kalle's birthday is not for another week, but we had a fun family birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa Ferrell's house. Kalle was in heaven with all of the attention and wrapping paper. I think she likes opening presents even more this year than she did last year. She sure had fun being the "birthday girl" with all of her best friends (her cousins!).
(and yes, she did request this angel food cake- it is pictured without the srawberries and whipped cream)

My little beater licker

Anytime I walk into the kitchen, Oakley is right there behind me to see what I am going to do. If I get a snack, he wants one. If I am cleaning up, he wants to help. His favorite though, is when I get out the mixer and the beaters- He goes crazy. He whines and cries because he wants some of the yummy treat he expects that I am making. He is not very patient while I am using the mixer, and he is surely not a very happy camper if I make something that he cannot lick off the beaters. Here he is licking whipped cream off the beaters on sunday: