Friday, May 30, 2008

School has started!

A day can be VERY long when you stay home with three kids all day. We needed something to do evreyday that would channel some our energy into a positive outlet. The solution: Palmer Family School. We started last week and we are having SO much fun. We do it everyday for about a half an hour. Here is our schedule:

Attendence, pledge, song of the week, rhyme of the week, lesson, reading time (we just started Charrlotte's Web), homework, snack.

Here is Kalle reciting the rhyme we learned last week. Notice Brennen snoozing on the counter... what a cutie!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wife Swap TONIGHT!

Hey Everyone! Just a little plug for the show Wife Swap that's on tonight. My VERY favorite teacher from BYU is one of the wives. I had her for advanced business writing, so did Brandt, and we both just love her (we still send her Christmas cards!). Anyway, I am really excited to see it, and thought others might be, too. I guess they make her out to be "a control freak who micromanages her kids lives." Here is what she had to say on her blog about it:

I'd just like to share a few insights into the REAL Pay family.
I love feeding my family a whole, plant-food diet, and I love to teach others about it. We aren't even totally vegetarian, but we do eat 60-80 percent raw plant food and avoid processed foods. I teach people all about how to do that with my step-by-step E-book with 200 recipes, 12 Steps to Whole Foods. You can see that here:
We do add dehydrated greens to water. But the kids are not "forced" or even asked to drink it--I do it to set the example, and they can choose to follow if they want to. I prepare everyone in the family a green smoothie every day with fresh greens and fruit. You can see my YouTube demo on how to do it, getting each family member 8-15 servings of raw vegetables and fruits, with only 10 minutes of kitchen time, on the home page of
Our kids do about 45 minutes a day of helping around the house and practicing the piano, daily: they pick up their room, make their bed, help prepare dinner, vacuum, or unload the dishwasher. On Saturday, they might do more, mowing the lawn or helping in the garden or with a cleanup project.
I assign my kids essays as a teaching method, to help them reflect on bad choices while simultaneously learning writing skills. However, we don't do it often-only for major infractions, like being really unkind to a sibling or breaking a very major rule. The consequence for not doing a chore isn't writing an essay: it's simply that the chores pile up on you-much like they do for us, in real life.
We have lots of fun together playing tennis or basketball, going to Church and having "family home evening" once a week, supporting each other in competitive sports, and eating meals together as a family every day. We don't "force" our children to behave, as we believe we should teach correct principles and help them govern themselves. We do believe in consequences and aren't afraid to impose them--both positive and negative. Our community knows us to be regular people with high standards who love our kids a lot!
Some people might call my nutrition focus "extreme." But since at the age of 41, I still leg press 300 lbs., run 20-30 miles a week, run two businesses, and teach at a university--all while raising four healthy kids--I'm going to stick with what works. (I personally think eating hot dogs, sodas, and Cheetos might seem "extreme" to anyone not born in the last 50 years.)Thanks for reading this!
Robyn Pay (real name Robyn Openshaw-Pay)

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Good Books!

I am starting a blogsite of books that I have read/ want to read. Check it out if you want to, and leave a note if you have read any good books worth reading lately!

note- it is a work in progress!

Friday, May 23, 2008

"The Lizard of God"

That is what Kalle asked to watch this morning... what a hoot!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Broken Camera- Boo... New Camera- Yay

Well, my beloved digital camera stopped working last week. It is a battery problem... but thats all I know. All of the camera repair companies I called said it would be atleast $150 to fix it. Considering that is the price of a brand new camera... well, out with the old, in with the new I guess. My old camera only had 6 megapixels... the new one has 12!!! So, although I am sad that my loyal friend, Mr. Pentax S60, has clicked for his last time, I am WAY excited to welcome a new member of the family, Mr Kodak Z1285 (he should come in the mail in a few days). Here are some fun facts about it:

12.1MP for stunning pictures and print quality up to 30 × 40" (76 × 102 cm)

The 2.5 in. (6.4 cm) High resolution LCD display

5x Optical Zoom, 5x continuous digital

35-175mm (35mm equivalent), f/2.8-f/5.1 SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON Lens

Digital Image Stabilization

HD Movie mode - 1280x720 at 30 fps, VGA (640x480) at 30 fps., QVGA (320x240) at 30 fps.

ISO Speed: Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200* (3200 available at 3.1MP setting and less in P/M modes)

Compatible with SDHC/SD Digital memory cards (64MB internal memory available)

19 Scene modes - Portrait, Sports, Landscape, Close-up, Night portrait, Night landscape, Snow, Beach, Text/document, Fireworks, Flower, Manner/museum, Self-portrait, Children, Backlight, Panning, Candlelight, Sunset, Panorama stitch

Smart scene mode - capture stunning shots - automatically selects from 9 of the available scene modes or defaults to Auto

P/M modes - Program mode (P) - camera sets optimal shutter speed and aperture combination, Manual (M) mode allows you to choose both aperature and shutter speed

Manual controls - Exposure compensation, Aperture, Shutter speed, Auto focus, Exposure metering , Flash

Built-in flash with red eye reduction

Dimensions: 3.5" W x 2.5" H x 1.2" D

Weight: 5.7 ounces

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Green Eggs and Ham

Kalle borrowed this book from the Library a few weeks ago and she LOVES it! She can almost read the whole thing to me now, and even asks to eat green eggs and ham quite often. Here are some pictures from the first time she tried it. She cracked me up when she said, "I do like green eggs and ham. I do like them Kalle I am!" This morning for breakfast, she asked for pink eggs and ham... what a cutie!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


This Mothers' Day is a special one for Amber seeing as how we have three children now. So, with three times the commotion and three times the work (four times if you include me), I figured she should get three times the love. I gathered some input from Kalle, Oakley, and Brennen (more like reading the minds of the latter two), and this is what we came up with. We Love You Amber/Mom! Happy Mothers' Day!


5) She changes my diaper.
4) She feeds me.
3) She stays up with me late at night when I'm not tired.
2) She feeds me.
1) She's my mommy!

5) She gives me food.
4) She holds me when I fall multiple times a day.
3) She gives me haircuts.
2) She gives me food.
1) She's my mommy!

If you haven't noticed a trend, our children like to eat.

5) She does my hair everyday.
4) She dances with me.
3) She reads to me.
2) She tells me how much she loves me.
1) She's my mommy!

5) "Amazing." She takes care of three kids, the house, and me; and somehow she finds time to make dinner on a regular basis (great cook too by the way).
4) She's a genius! Ever since we were dating, I've struggled to beat Amber at any activity that requires using the mind (including school, games, and the like). Contrary to what some of you may be thinking, this is not because of any deficiency of my own (which could be true too), but to Amber's extreme intelligence.
3) She loves teaching our children. When most people would be listening to the radio in the car or watching TV at home, Amber is singing to, reading books to, telling stories to, telling riddles to, or just simply talking to our children.
2) Have you seen her lately? Yikes! She just had baby number three and she is as thin and HOT as she was when we were dating.
1) She's the one I love!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Is it Winter?

You would think so at the Palmer home. Some of our good friends gave us a homemade baby blanket for each of our babies. Since Brennen got his, Kalle thinks it is so fun for all of them to have them at the same time. Since she likes to have hers 24/7, of course Oakley does, too. Now they insist on being wrapped in them all the time. How is it that I am dying of heat exhausten, and they want to be wrapped up? Well, atleast they are having fun and looking cute! Thanks Sister Wood!

Friday, May 2, 2008

$0.31 Scoop Night!

Wednesday was a wonderful day in the Palmer home. That's because we love good ice cream and got a LOT of it for "a small number price" (as Kalle would say). We took full advantage of Baskin Robbin's $0.31 scoop night and got 10 scoops each (that was the limit). That's 40 scoops for a whopping $12.40! Grandma stayed home with Baby Brennen so that Brandt and I could take the kids. It was so much fun,and we only waited in ine for about 20 minutes! Now we have a freezer full of yummy ice cream!