Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Family Coconut

I bought a coconut at the grocery store thinking it would be a lot of fun for the kids to help open it and try the coconut milk and meat inside. Well... I was RIGHT! Kalle has been excited to open "the family coconut" since we got it. We broke it open this morning and had a lot of fun. We opened it by hammering a screw driver into one of the soft spots. Neither Kalle nor Oakley liked the coconut milk. I wasn't too keen on it myself, but Brandt enjoyed the whole glass full. Then, not knowing how to open the coconut, I went outside and chucked it on the cement as hard as I could. It broke open slick as a whistle (and bounced up and almost broke our sliding glass door!).

Here is a video of Kalle and Oakley trying their first bite of fresh coconut... YUM! (please excuse my horrible video taping... I need to remember to hold the camera STILL while shooting!)

We made strawberry-banana-coconut smoothies with our yummy treasure. They were DELICIOUS!

Brandt scooped out the rest of the coconut, so we will have some to freeze for next time!

This is all that is left of one of our new favorite fruits!

Brennen thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience as well!

BTW, does anyone know an easy way of getting the meat out of an opened coconut. Brandt was a trooper, but it took a while and was somewhat difficult. Let me know!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Who has time to post with three babies... not me!

With that said, here is what we have been up to the past couple weeks:

Hanging out with Grandma Palmer
(and having Kalle tell me a million times, "I want to see Grandpa James!")

Fighting over Grandma Ferrell

Snuggling Grandpa Ferrell

A fun BBQ with some of Brandt's law school friends

A super fun morning at JoEllen's house. The kids loved to play, and I loved chatting with an old friend!

Brennen sleeping- at his 2 month appt. he weighs 14 lbs 9 oz.
95% for height and weight, 50% for head circumferance.
He's a BIG guy!
Kalle playing our new $50 piano. You heard me right... $50 beauty from craigslist... just needs to be tuned!
Oakley trying to bother Kalle by taking her dolls
Kalle went upstairs to get dressed one morning and came down wearing this... she thought she was pretty funny!
Kalle and Oakley waiting so patiently for Daddy to get home from work!
We have been busy and happy!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

5 Years... What a journey!

Brandt and I have been married for FIVE years! Can you believe it? It has been amazing, hard, and worth it! Only 8 months of that time has Brandt been out of school (or summer vacation), so I don't really feel like "real life" has started yet. But this "fake" life is wonderful because of the wonderful husband I have. Here is a VERY short look back on Brandt and my time together:

July 2002: We meet at a singles ward activity.
August 2002: We hold hands, kiss on the first date, and I leave for BYU while Brandt stays to attend ASU.
September 2002- December 2002: We talk on the phone often, take trips to see eachother about 5 times throughout the semester, and I try and talk him into coming to BYU.
January 2003- Brandt comes to BYU.
February 2003- Brandt proposes and I say YES!
June 2003- We get married in the Mesa, AZ temple.
August 2003- We head back up to BYU and stay in the cutest 200 square foot apartment you ever saw (believe me, it was small!).
April 2004- We head back down to AZ for the summer.
June 2004- We are expecting #1!
August 2004- We head back up to BYU to share "the condo" with Tyler and AnnaMarie for a semester.
March 2005- Kalle is born.
June 2005- We move to Austin, TX where Brant sells pest control. I go out of my mind and spend most of the summer away visiting family.
August 2005- We head back up to the condo at BYU.
March 2006- We are expecting #2!
April 2006- Amber graduates from BYU.
November 2006- Oakley is born.
December 2006- Brandt graduates from BYU, and we move to AZ.
January 2007- Brandt starts his accounting job.
August 2007- Brandt quits his accounting job and starts Law School at ASU. We are expecting #3!
November 2007- We buy a house.
April 2008- Brennen is born.

Here are the top five reasons why I am so lucky to have been married to Brandt for the past five years:

1. He is totally gospel centered. He does what he feels is right in every situation even if it would be easier/more fun to do something else. Although he is not perfect, he is close. :)

2. He is smart. WAY smart. When he is done with school he will have 2 advanced degrees, and he is thinking about another one... shoot me now! He has so much knowledge stored in that head of his that I can ask him just about anything and he will have an answer!

3. He is an amazing dad. Kalle and Oakley were so excited for him to get home today, that they spent about 10 minutes just sitting in the garage waiting for him. They never laugh an giggle so much as when they are playing with Daddy.

4. He cares about me. He tries to make me happy. He lets me boss him around- and sometimes even takes it with a smile!

5. He serves others. He is always the first to volunteer to help someone move or go teach with the missionaries. He is such a great example to me and our children!

I love you Brandt... can't wait to have 60+ more years together!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some of Brennen growing...

Yes, he is not even 2 months old yet, but pretty much HUGE! Not quite as chubby as Oakley was, but just as long or longer. Check out the pic of him sitting on Kalle's lap. He looks just about her size! At his month check he was in the 95th for length, and the 85th for weight. He is such a wonderful baby, and we just adore him.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What do you do...

When you have a temp of 103, three kids to take care of, the baby has a bad cough, the 18 month old screams for 35 minutes because you don't have any watermelon, the three year old colors all over the table, and your body feels like you were just run over by a truck?...
You cry... it doesn't help. So Grandma comes over... it does help.