Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa Palmer

On Sunday it was Grandpa Palmer's birthday. We celebrated this amazing man by visiting his grave at the cemetery and then having a cake at dinner. We usually go to the cemetery on his birthday, fathers' day, around christmas, and easter... Kalle LOVES it.

Kalle drew him a picture and then sealed it in an envelope. She also picked some fresh flowers for his grave.
Don't stand on the head stone Oakley
There, that's better.

Kalle puts the "presents" on the grave.

Kalle told me today that she is so excited to see Grandpa Palmer in heaven. We sure do love and miss him!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ferrell Family Fun

We just got home from a wonderful family vacation with my side of the family in Santa Barbara. Because I am holding a baby and only have one hand to type, I will make this short. I most likely will not be posting very much in the next couple months because I am going to working on the kids' blog journals. I will be back in full swing in about 3 months (my estimate of how long it will take if I post 6 entries every night... uh oh). I might post every once in awhile on the family blog if we have something exciting, but besides that, see you in three months!

Here are just a few pics from vacation:
A fun tea party with some of the cousins (from left to right: Peyton, Jonathan, Makenna, Kalle, Oakley, Aunt Emily, Hailey, and Aunt Tricia)Brennen and Grandma at the family carnival

Kalle and Jaxon having popsicles at the pinewood derby race

Kalle playing at the beach

Oakley and Brandt at the beach

This was one of the many cool pictures Brandt took of the sky around sunset. There was a big fire really close to where we were and the sky was very smoky... my lungs still hurt.

Kalle, Oakley and I each had a car for the pinewood derby races. (There were about 35 cars all together). Here is Kalle's purple crown. (And Cousin Taylor's pencil... his was actually my favorite!)

Oakley made a banana because he is obsessed!

And my bookworm. The shark-plane thing next to me won it all (probably why I didn't make it past the first round!)

Thank you, Thank you Mom and Dad. That was SOOOOOOOO much fun! Can't wait to do it again!