Friday, October 31, 2008

Suns on Saturday + Free Tickets + Court Side = Happiness

Valiant Husband + Saturday Session of Stake Conference = Bummed

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Know Jesus Lives

I have never shared my testimony on my blog. I don't want anybody out there reading this to ever wonder where I stand.

I know that Jesus is my Savior. He suffered and died so that I might be able to live with Him and my family again one day. I don't understand all of it, but I know it happened, and I am so grateful.

I know Jesus Lives. After he died on the cross, he was resurrected and rose on the third day.

I know the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ, is true. After Christ was resurrected, he came to the American continent. The Book of Mormon and Bible can help us have more faith, knowledge, charity, and bring the spirit and joy into our lives.

I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet. At the age of 14, he was visited by God the Father and Jesus Christ. For the rest of his life he was a faithful servant. He translated the Book of Mormon and was commanded to start The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I know the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only church on the earth today to have 100% of the truth. It is truly Christ's church.

I know the church today is led by a true and living prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. If we follow his council, he will never lead us astray.

Of these things I am certain. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kalle writes

Kalle has been writing some of her letters for awhile now. Today was the first time though that she wrote her name by herself. I think she did a pretty good job. It is interesting because K is the very first letter she started recognizing, but it has taken her a lot longer to learn to write it than other letters.
After she wrote her name, she asked me how to spell "ballet."
A week and a half ago, my computer (6 years old- never had a single problem) decided it did not want to turn on. Luckily, my brother gave us a computer his office was not going to use anymore, so we have saved it for three years, knowing one day we would need a new one. Well, my computer just needs a new power something or other (I've been told) so we are using this one until then. But I am excited to get all of my PICTURES and programs back from my other computer soon. So sorry for the lack of posts recently.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Brennen is 6 months!

Today Brennen had a photo shoot with one of the very BEST photographers I know- MY SISTER! He was being a bit of a pill at the shoot, so I was afraid we wouldn't get any cute pics. I don't know why I would ever doubt- Ashley is AMAZING! (If you want to see more of her stuff, click here.) Brennen was hungry, tired and cranky, but you would never know it from these pictures. He can't quite sit up yet by himself, so posing was an issue because he hates tummy time. And, I have known he was chuncky for a long time, but after seeing these pictures, I think he might be even chubbier than Oakley was (I know-we all thought it was impossible). Here is the BIG, handsome 6 month old!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Neat Freak

As I am folding what seams to be never ending loads of laundry tonight, Brandt and I had a very interesting conversation. Let me give you some background information. First of all, anyone who has ever been to my house can witness that my house is anything but "tidy." I feel like I am up ALL day going from one thing to the next to keep my house orderly. Then after the kids go to bed at 7, I usually take a break for about a half an hour, just to spend the next 2.5 hours getting things done that need to get done- laundry, cleaning, dishwasher, bills-the list seems to be never ending. I always have about a million more things I need to do than I have the time for. For example, todays list was as follows: finish and mail Dad's birthday present, apply for a passport, figure out health insurance for next year, work on the halloween costumes, fold and PUT AWAY all laundry, organize the bedroom, take back toy to target and swimsuit to big 5, pay bills, clean out the car and garage, get Dad's finances in order, and call to inquire about a certain preschool. Besides these, I like everything to be picked up before I go to bed. SO you see, there is NO WAY I could take care of three small children and get all this done in one day. To add insult to injury, I have been SO excited to start up my family history work again now that the church has started their new program for "new family search"- I will have to do a whole new blog entry for this one. Anway, so tonight as I am trying to fold the laundry, I am feeling a little sad/depressed/overwhelmed. Brandt is studying hard at the table, but I decide to interupt him anyway:

Me: I am torn. I need to do about a million things (then I name them), and if I don't do them, I will not have a good day tomorrow because the house will be a disaster. But I REALLY want to start my 2 week free trial with Is this what my life is destined for (meaning kids all day and cleaning all night)?
Brandt: No. You even said you wanted to take classes, or maybe start a business.
Me: When? When I'm sixty?
Brandt: No, I wont be in law school till your sixty.
Me: When did I become such a neat freak?
Brandt: Slowly over the years since we have been married I guess.
Me: I used to not care. Am I really a neat freak though? I hate cleaning, and sometimes I just don't do it because I don't want to. But then I get all antsy and anxious until it is done.
Brandt: Your not really a neat freak. You just get really stressed out until it is clean.
Me: Isn't that kinda the definition of a neat freak?
Brandt: Yeah, you ARE a neat freak! NEAT FREAK! (sometimes he thinks he's so funny)
Me: It's your fault you know. And, you're the one to talk. You are worse than I am. But you are a wierd kind of neat freak. You like to make piles.

I thought I would blog about it to get it off my chest. Does anyone out there feel like this sometimes?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yay for catching fish... Boo for eating fish

Brandt took Kalle fishing early Saturday morning. Of course Kalle LOVED it, and Oakley was not too thrilled to be left home with Mom and the baby. They came back with two big catfish and one small who knows what. Well, if you catch 'um, you gotta eat 'um. Have I ever mentioned that I dislike seafood?

I love fishing at 6am
Hurray, I caught one!

17 in, 18 in, 5 in

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ballet... we LOVE it!

Kalle counts down the days until Tuesday. She just can't wait for ballet class to come. She tells us all about what Miss Sunny taught them and about how nice Lizzie is. Lizzie is the little girl Kalle adores in the class. She is four and Kalle's partner for the "Merry Christmas" dance. Kalle follows her around most of dance class, and the sweet girl is so nice to Kalle. Kalle loves to practice here at home with Oakley. Brennen, Brandt, and I love to watch this just about every night (although it looks like Kalle is pushing Oakley, she is really just trying to "spin" him):

Here is actual ballet class. Of course Kalle is following her partner... Lizzie!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Brandty- Panty

Well, today Brandt, the love of my life, turned 28. We celebrated with Breakfast in bed (Kalle and Oakley scarfed most of the food) and a few gifts (Kalle made him a book, and we got him some hedge cutters!). We let him study through the morning, then partied the afternoon away... OK, he let me take nap... but the kids sure had fun with him. We had cake last night, and tonight celebrated over dinner with some dear friends, Paul and Reanna Cardon. Brandt- we love you SOOOOO much. Thank you for your hard work and devotion to this family. We are so lucky to have you.
(We gave half of the cake away, and kalle put in the candles- if you were wondering why it looks so funny!)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Conference

I really enjoyed General conference today in spite of having three babies to take care of while trying to listen. I really liked Elder Oaks's talk, and my favorite was Elder Christofferson talk on Zion. It was interesting to hear a lot of the history on "Zion" and it was straight forward about what we need to do to be worthy of Zion. One thing that really stuck out to me was helping the needy. I can not get the story of the man who cut his table in half out of my head. So I have been thinking about this a lot and here is what has followed:

Me: We need to start helping the poor more.
Brandt: We ARE the poor.
Me: But what about the story of the guy who cut his table in half- he was poor.
Brandt: I guess you could cut our table in half.
Me: C'mon. When our ward had that clothing drive for the branch, we should have bought more white shirts for them.
Brandt: You have to actually have money to do that. The man that cut his table in half didn't spend money he didn't have.
Me: I guess

(later on tonight while we were laying in bed talking. Brandt is probably half asleep.)

Me: I really want a jacuzzi some day... One that has a lock on it.
Brandt: Why, so your kids can lock each other in it?
Me: That is not funny.
(a short pause)
Me: How can I even live after hearing Elder Christofferson's talk?
Brandt: I don't know- you might as well just kill yourself.
Me: Really, how could I ever buy a jacuzzi knowing all of the poor people- if I am trying to live worthy of Zion?
Brandt: (as he turns over- almost fully asleep by now) You could just buy the jacuzzi and invite the poor people over and use it.

Why do I even try to talk to him in bed?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

School is back in session!

We have started school back up- we took a few months off- and Kalle is doing so well. She knows the whole pledge (although she got a little nervous in front of the camera), and she knows almost all of her letters. We are having fun!