Friday, January 30, 2009

Not much going on...

That is why there has been a lack of posts lately. I am still training for my big race. Brandt is still busy with school and work. Kalle is still cute as can be and loves ballet. Oakley is a chatter box. Brennen is learning to crawl... but hasn't mastered it quite yet. I leave for CHINA in a few hours!!!!! Thats it folk...

Yay cousin Katie- we will miss you.

Kalle took this picture and wanted me to post it...

Never bake a blueberry buckle in a round dish...

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I worked out 8 times this week. I am writing this because 1) I am proud of it. I have never worked out so much in one week. 2) I am not feeling so hot. 8 times is WAY too many times to work out in one week and my body is NOT happy with me. Here's what I did:

Monday: Step class- 1 hour
Tuesday: Water Aerobics- 45 minutes (harder workout than you expect!)
Wednesday: am-- Pump class (weights)- 1 hour, pm-- ran three miles outside- not on a treadmill
Thursday: Ran 3 more miles outside
Friday: am--Step class- 1 hour, pm--Racquetball- 1 hour (I am the only one who lost 3 out of 3! I need to start practicing again!)
Saturday: Ran 5 miles outside- just about died!

So there it is. Not very exciting, but I did it!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Read any good books lately?

I am looking for some Great books to put on my to-read list. Go HERE and leave a comment if you have read anything good lately (that means you too Ashley).

Thursday, January 8, 2009

China- Here We Come!

My sister just blogged about this, and I got so excited that I had to do it myself (s0rry Ashley!). We (meaning me, my Sister, and two SILs) leave for China in 3 weeks! I am nervous to leave my babes, but it will be a much needed break from real life. So, here's the plan:

Jan 31: 12am-Fly from LAX to Korea
Switch planes in Korea- Fly to Tianjin, China

Feb 1 & 2: Tour Tianjin
Stay in University housing
See Mom and Dad's Campus life
Visit the "Large Markets"

Feb 03: Fly from Tianjin to Xi'an in the morning. Met by the guide and van at the airport.
Visit the City Wall,
the Big Goose Pagoda;
Enjoy the dumpling banquet and Tang Dynasty
Show in the evening.
Overnight at the Gaosu Shenzhou Hotel in Xi'an

Feb 04: Visit the Terra-cotta Warriors Museum.
Fly to Beijing
Overnight at Grand Mecure Hotel, Xidan, Beijing

Feb.05: Silk Market & Pearl Market today.
Overnight at the Grand Mercure Hotel,
Xi'dan Beijing

Feb.06: Visit the Great Wall at Badaling
Visit the Summer Palace
See the Acrobatic show in the evening.
Overnight at the Grand Mercure Hotel, Xi'dan Beijing

Feb.07: Visit the Tian'anmen square,
the Forbidden City,
Olympic Sites (Bird Nest and Water Cube--entering inside for visit)
Enjoy the Roast Beijing Duck Lunch.
Off at the Beijing railway station in the afternoon.

Feb 08: Return to Tianjin

Feb 09: Return to USA


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Picture update...

SO much has happened, and I haven't blogged any of it. So, this blog is a LOT of pictures mostly to update Grammie and Grandpa Ferrell:

Oakley lost a good five lbs being so sick. He threw up for 9 days straight. Luckily some of those days was only a few times, and we were able to keep some fluids down him. I did not want to have to take him to the ER. I thought he looked so helplessly skinny in this picture. Grandma Ferrell used to call him "Gentle Giant" because he was so big. I don't think that name really applies anymore.
Kalle had her ballet recital. I will do a whole post on this soon Mom! Kalle is third from the left on the bottom.
Oakley being silly. This is the day he finally started to feel better.
Kalle impressed me with her cutting this day. Usually she just snips at random, but this day she cut a pretty good circle out! Then she made it into a sun.
Christmas was wonderful. We had Christmas eve at Grandma and Grandpa Clifford's house. Brandt's cousin wore an "Elf" costume. Kalle thought it was great, Oakley wasn't too sure.
The kids all got new pajamas from G&G Clifford.

Christmas morning was wonderful. It was so relaxing. We opened stockings and gifts and got to enjoy it all. We didn't have to hurry to go to different places. The kids got to play and play. Brennen was happy about his gift of baby food.
Oakley got some "Big Boy Underwear" to promote potty training. For now he likes to wear them over his diaper.
Kalle was happy as a clam with this makeup set. She is so girlie... I was such a tomboy that it always surprises me how much she likes dresses and makeup.

We then headed off to see Grandma Palmer and Grandpa James. Grandpa is sporting his new Russian hat that he got for Christmas. Boy did they spoil us! I got a wheat grinder that I am more than excited about! I sure had fun on Jared's new extreme pogo stick. You can't tell, but I am a couple feet in the air in this picture... oh to be a kid again for a minute or two.
Oakley got this fun indoor trampoline from Grandma Palmer and Grandpa James. The kids jump from sun up to sun down. It cracked me up when Kalle started jumping with her Book of Mormon and making up words: "And it came to pass..."
Kalle graduated from Nursery last Sunday. She will miss it, and Oakley will sure miss her. But she already "adores sunbeams" (her own words). (BTW- she did not wear that to church)

We now have lots of cousins around to play with!!!
And Oakley REALLY likes cousin Katie. He did not even mind when she was rubbing his face.

We just had a big Palmer family reunion. It was so much fun!
Oakley fell asleep during this ride with Grandpa in the desert. Poor kid was tired after all the Dramamine I gave him so he wouldn't get carsick.
Lastly, this is from Ashley's birthday surprise. We took her out for dinner, then had a big surprise birthday party after. To read all about it, go to her blog at