Monday, May 11, 2009

Fathers' Day Pictures- so DANG cute!

Yes, you read that correctly, Mother's Day is over, and it's time to think about Dear Ol' Dad!
My sister Ashley will be doing Father’s Day Mini-sessions for only $40!

Choose from either
“Just Like Dad” Or “Mommy and Me”

Perfect for Dad’s office, desk, wallet, and all around the house! Pictures will be taken in her in-home studio (Mesa, AZ) on a black backdrop. You will receive a CD with 10-15 high resolution, fully edited pictures with full copyright release-- This means all the images belong to you! She will be doing most of the 20 minute mini-sessions on Friday May 29th and Saturday the 30th, but if those dates don’t work she will do her best to schedule you in at another time. Email her at to secure your spot!

If you book a session, and link this post on your blog, you will receive $5 off your session!!
ALSO- for every family that books a session from a referral from you, you will receive $5 off your session!!(ie-Put this on your blog, and refer 7 people, and your pictures are free!!)
Ready for some pictures?
"Mommy and Me" ...sure to melt Dad's heart!

And now for "Just Like Dad" Bring dad's work clothes, sports stuff, Skateboard, musical instrument, or anything else ridiculously adorable you can think of-and of course, don't forget his HUGE shoes!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally... some new posts!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I don't think I have ever been so busy in my life. I like to be busy, but it has been rediculous lately. The pictures are mostly for the viewing pleasure of Grandma and Grandpa in China. So if you are interested, read the previous 6 posts. If not, stop now!

Gardens on the Grow

And the thing that has kept us the MOST busy... Gardens on the Grow. I am starting a new company. It is all about gardening with the foot-by-foot gardening method. I am so darn excited! I did the website myself (mostly because I didn't want to pay someone TONS to do it), and I am happy about the way it turned out... especially since I had to learn HTML code. SO check it out- I am still editing it, so if you see anything that doesn't look quite right, or a link that doesn't work, let me know! And if you know anyone who needs a garden- pass it on!

Brennen turns 1, starts to walk, and gets a helmet!

Brennen has had a busy few month. He had a birthday, learned to walk, and got a cranial band (helmet- to help with head re-shaping). He is just the cutest thing that ever lived, and loves his Daddy more than anyone in the world. He loves to follow Kalle and Oakley around and get dirty outside!

Thank you for the suckers Grandma- even Brennen got in on the fun!

Oakley, Oakley, Oakley... Chatty, Chatty, Chatty

Oakley didn't have a birthday, but he did start to Chat... and A LOT! He is still the sweetest, yet most challenging child I have. He takes 2-4 hour naps everyday (thank goodness), and loves his sister and brother to death. He does NOT like to be hurried, and does not deal with the word "no" very well. But he does give great hugs, and has an infectious laugh. Oh- to be a 2 year old. We sure love him!

He fell asleep like this one day.

Kalle turns 4!

Kalle, my little fire cracker, turned 4 in March. She had a "Kitty" party, and invited cousins and the girls in her primary class. It was so much fun that she is already planning next years birthday! Here are some other random pictures of Kalle's silliness! Also, my sister took our pictures again. How wonderful is it to have, not only a photographer, but an AMAZING photographer in the family? We are so lucky! To see more of her work, or to book a session, visit her photo blog:

Ragnar Relay 2009

At the end of February, I ran in the Ragnar Relay. I am not a "runner" so I started training back in December. It was WAY too much fun, and I want to do it every year. I have already started trying to convince Brandt to do it with me... we will see. It is a race that starts in Prescott and ends in Mesa (202 miles). You have a team of 12 and each run 3 legs. You start one Friday morning and end the next afternoon (Yes, I ran 8 miles at 2am). It was a blast- check out our video on youtube:

The Best part: Running it with my brother Ryan.
The Worst part: The blisters... OUCH!

America, America, Italy... uh... I mean CHINA!

My sisters and I went to China at the end of January to visit my parents for 9 days. It was just perfect. I have never really been away from the kids, so I felt like a kid again myself. There was way too much to blog everything, but we stayed in 3 major cities, saw the terracotta warriors (so cool), great wall, forbidden city, olympic sites, palaces, and my Mom and Dad's university. We ate some great (and oh so dismal) food, slept in, read 3 whole books, and did some amazing shopping. The people there said I looked "17" and would not believe for a second that I have 3 kids. And "squatter toilets are really not so bad (don't believe a word Emily says!) All in all... it was just great! Thank you Mom and Dad!
Oh and "America, America, Italy" is something that a taxi driver said to us one day...
Outside the water cube

With my Dad in the subway.

Yes, it was FREEZING!

The bird's nest

The great wall!