Thursday, July 30, 2009

Email to Brandt

I took all three kids to the doctor for their well child checks yesterday morning. All are (were) healthy. Kalle had to have 4 shots as did Brennen. Oakley somehow escaped shot-free. Ever since about 4:00 yesterday afternoon Kalle has been throwing up. The shots didn't go over very well with her. Last night was fun...

Anyway, here is an email I just wrote to Brandt. After I sent it, I realized I still wanted to complain to more people... so you get to hear it, too. Sorry.

It feels like 6:00 right now. How is it that you will not be home for another 3 hours? I might kill myself before then. Kalle is still hurling. I called the doctor and he told me some things to do, otherwise I will take her in to see him in the morning. Oakley exploded out of his diaper during naptime. Good thing I smelled it before too much of a disaster had happened. It was the WORST smelling diaper ever. Brennen is awake. Too bad he woke up before Oakley fell asleep. I put Kalle in her bed, got waking Brennen out of the pack'n'play, and smelled Oakley... just to go in and have a very fun mess to clean up. Could this day get any better? And with not so much as 5 minutes to myself. There is no way I could handle volleyball tonight. I told Destiny on her answering machine. I think I need some alone time after I go plant corn. Maybe I will go out to dinner by myself since I didn't do it last time you suggested it when I was having a day like this. But somehow, that day was better. Maybe because I had actually gotten some sleep the night before. Anyway, somehow please make time go faster. Thanks for listening. Love you, Amber PS- I know you can't come home and that is not the reason for this letter. I just had to tell someone.

Yay for tomorrow!

Every heard of the Kirby Sentria?

Now I have and they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I will most likely never buy one because I could not justify paying over $1,000 for a vacuum. They started at a price of $2,596 but after I told them we were not going to buy one no matter how low the price was since we don't buy things with payments and we are in school, they quickly dropped it to $1,800. I still told them no and so they said they could drop it even more. I am not sure what the lowest they would go would be, but I am sure it would still be too high to ever make me buy one. (just looked-- on ebay they are as low as $350, still not going to buy one now).
With all of that said, I will again say how AWESOME these things are. I don't even like to vacuum, but I have a feeling I would like to with this thing. I vacuumed my downstairs 2 days ago. Yes, we probably have the cheapest vacuum on the market, but it gets the job done. Yesterday, a lady comes to my door. She says her company that is located nearby was cleaning carpets for free to show you what a great job they do. She said they would do 2 rooms FREE. I am always looking for a free deal so I said ok. Little did I know they were going to try and sell me a "total home cleaning system".
So the guy came and I really did think it was cool. He would vacuum a little part of my floor, maybe 1' X 2' and show me everything he got up. He would do the same spot like 4 times and still get TONS of dirt- GROSS! He poured about a 1/2 cup of baking soda on my carpet and stepped all over it. Then we used my current vacuum for about 2 minutes on the spot. It looked like all of the baking soda was cleaned up. Then he used his kirby on the spot (he just turned it on then immediately off) and picked up about 1/8 cup of baking soda. He did it a few more times and still picked up a lot.
I could probably go on a long time about its different features since I was so impressed, but I will not. I will just show you some pictures:
Here are the things (little circles) they use in the vacuum to show you what they are picking up. The black ones on the very right are the baking soda. The next row of black ones are FROM MY MATTRESS! He said we actually had a very clean mattress compaired to what hes used to. That nasty stuff is skin cells, dust mites, and lint... gross again. The circles on the very left are from the bottom three steps on my stairs. Wow- I love this vacuum. The dark ones toward the top middle are where he cleaned out the track for my sliding glass door. The really grey ones are from where he cleaned off my computer and TV. The vacuum cleans EVERYTHING... walls, drapes, carpets in cars, all furniture... the list could go on and on!

Here is what he was getting out of my carpet

And because you couldn't get the full effect without a close up...

And yes folks, I just did a whole blog post about a vacuum. Well, this vacuum also shampoos. I got my whole downstairs vacuumed and shampood for FREE. And boy is it clean, clean, CLEAN!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oakley is potty trained!

I am happy to say that Oakley is officially potty trained! I have been really lucky with potty training. Kalle potty trained herself and age 2 years 1 month. Oakley is 2 1/2 and got the hang of it in one morning. We have had a few accidents, but not to many. He is doing really well. I am not saying this to brag, just to say I have been really lucky. I think Heavenly Father knew that this (a struggle with PT) is one thing I would not be able to handle with three little ones. We had a "potty party" with cousin Jaxon. Oakley is still asking when we will have another one. I guess when Brennen is ready. So we are down to only ONE in diapers again!!!!

In other news-- well, there is not much other news. But, here are some pictures:

I just love how well Kalle and Oakley play together (most of the time). They really are best friends.

We had so much fun playing in the rain the other morning. It was just sprinkling, but the kids thought it was great!

PS- I have a new goal to blog more!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brandt's in the dog house...

Before I post a few recent pictures, I want to tell you the reason why Brandt is in BIG trouble here at the Palmer home: On Sunday morning I had prepared a nice crockpot meal that would cook throughout the day and be done when we were ready eat that night. So we were eating and I had grabbed us some left (from the 4th parade) sunny-d to drink with dinner. The drink was gross, so I said (while looking at my sunny-d bottle), "This stuff really is disgusting!" Brandt looks at his dinner and says, "Yeah, it is. It has no seasoning in it." It was actually really funny at the time when he figured out I wasn't talking about the food.
Well, here are some pictures of what we have been up to:
Kalle saw her first movie at the movie theater. She thought the whole experience was fantastic. Thanks for the tickets Ashley! (and I have NO idea how Kalle is turning out to be such a girly-girl. She flat out REFUSES to wear anything but a dress EVERY SINGLE day.)
Oakley has been potty training. He is doing great and has even started telling me when he needs to go (rather than me insisting he goes every 20 minutes). Underwear is so darn cute on that little bum of his!
Brennen took his first merry-go-round ride. I couldn't tell if he liked it or was scared. He just sat there wide eyed.

The kids are in swim lessons and can't get enough of the water. We just have a blow-up pool in the back yard that they practically live in. Brennen stands there with the hose while the other two go to him to get there buckets filled up. Then they dump the water on eachother. They could do that for hours.

Brennen sure is turning into a tease. I was trying to take Kalle's picture one day, and as soon as I would start to count, he would run in front of the camera with this goofy face:

I still believe it is WAY to hot to live in Arizona, but we are having a fun summer none the less. We are happy and loving life!