Sunday, September 27, 2009

Recipe for the perfect Friday

We do this every week and I LOOOOOOOVE Fridays!

8:30am-- the Gym

10am-- Gilbert library

11am-- Say hello to anyone at Grandma Ferrell's house

12pm-- Meet Brandt at ASU to make a car/kids swap

12:30pm-- Go to my MCC class that is beyond ridiculously easy and boring... and I love it because I miss school.

1:45-- Come home to (hopefully) a house full of sleeping children. Read a bit.

2:30-7pm-- Play with the kids, clean the house, make and have dinner, kids to bed.

7:30-10-- Date night, usually a movie at home. (But last week Brandt surprised me with a fun movie and dinner in the park date- SO fun!)

See why Fridays are so wonderful???

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Setting Goals

The kids got some prizes at the dollor store for when they reach their goals. They made goals to practice writing and math everyday, to have good attitudes, and a few others. For now, they are very excited and are doing great. It is only day 2, so let's hope it lasts!

They could pick anything from the dollor store for prizes. Here's what they picked:
Oakley working hard:

Friday, September 4, 2009

Our life lately...

We have had some good days and some not so good days lately. We have all gone through the 24 hour flu (all on different days) over the past week. Brandt is just getting over it. So we have been staying close to home, trying to stay entertained. Luckily I have a dear of a husband who has helped out A LOT with the kids. Kalle missed 2 days of school which devastated her, but it made her day, week, and year when her teacher came to visit her here at home. Here are some pictures to show what else we have been up to:

Oakley and Brennen sure miss Kalle when she is at school. They are playing together well, though. Mostly Brennen terrorizes Oakley, and Oakley puts up with it.

Oakley loves to read books. He is so funny. The other day in Oakley's prayer, he said, "Please help Jesus not to fall off the roof again." I think he is getting Jesus and santa mixed up...

Brennen has found a new love for horses, and will carry these around all day long.

My first attempt at cinnamon rolls from scratch was a success! They were de.lish. if I do say so myself!

Then it all started when Brennen face planted on the concrete:

Then Oakley, Brennen, THEN Kalle all got sick on different days. They spent their time resting and reading.

Kalle loves to read (tell the story by looking at the pictures) to her brothers. They love it, too!

Then I, then Brandt got sick. I told Brennen to go sleep by Dad for the picture. What a goof.

Then they all wanted in on the action. Poor Brandt is so sick in this picture. :(
Now that we are all getting over it, we had time to catch and play with a lizard for a day.

I get to start reading Catching Fire tonight which is exciting. I'll tell you how I like it. Speaking of books, I asked Brandt how many books he thought I had read since 2005. He sees me reading almost EVERY night. He guessed 23. TWENTY THREE???? C'mon. If you have read anything great lately, go to my book blog and leave a comment: