Monday, January 25, 2010


is up and running!

What do we sell you ask?
We sell neckties in EVERY SIZE! Every pattern is available in all sizes from Newborn to adult, and with hair ribbons to match as well!! SO cute for boys to match Dad!
We are so excited! So, we are going to generate some interest and excitement by running a contest!

First off, What do you win?
You win your choice of matching ties, with hair ribbons to match- for every member of your immediate family!!! (Parents included)

Yes, even if you are the Duggars with 18 children, We'll send them all free! (PS- if you win and actually say you have 18 children, I may need to see a picture for proof!!) :o)

Here are the rules- and they are simple!
Just make a blog post about the Matching Tie guy and include the following-
~A link to our Website
~The name/description of the ties you want for your family
(you'll have to go to the website to decide!)
~A link to my blog ( so other's can enter as well

Then come leave me a comment that you put it on your blog. When I check it out on your blog, You are automatically entered!
BUT WAIT!!! There's one more way to win! If you link here from someone else's blog, leave their name and blog address as the place you found out about us. IF THEY WIN, YOU WIN TOO!!! Free ties for both families!

So put it on your blog, leave me a comment, then get all your friends and family to enter and make sure they leave your name as the person they heard from!

Contest Ends Next Monday night at you have one week to get crackin'!!!
(And I'm very excited to use one of those online number generators to pick the winner!)

PS-It doesn't matter where you live, we will ship them!!!

Want another chance to win? My Sister is doing this same contest on her blog ( until Thursday night. Go enter there, too!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anyone Else See Anything Wrong Here?

So, Amber and I were watching the tv show The Biggest Loser tonight. Toward the end of the show, Amber got up to go change her clothes so she could go running with her friend. I got up to go check my email (our computer is near our tv). As I heard the show's host say that the final team was going to be weighed, I hear "crunch crunch." I look back to find the incredibly ironic picture above. My wife -- who was watching The Biggest Loser, who was about to go run several miles -- had a mouth full of chips, a cup half full of Martinelli's next to her (guess what happened to the other half), and the bottle of Martinelli's and some Lemon Lime Soda (in case the Martinelli's didn't do the trick I guess) on the counter.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Worst Week EVER

So my week has been altogether quite crappy, but it got exponentially worse today. Not only have I had a lot on my mind, been working non-stop to get this tie business live online, but Brennen had major surgery yesterday. Then, to top it all off, he fell and sliced his head open today. It started squirting blood, both Brennen and I were hysterical, and I called 911. Luckily, it slowed to a trickle after soaking a dish towel. By the time the fire department got there, I had pulled myself together and decided to just take him to the hospital (rather than take the ambulance). He got 5 staples. Are you kidding me?
On a happier note, I had an awesome missionary opportunity yesterday. Maybe I will share it tomorrow! Here are some cute pics from the AZ cold country:

Monday, January 4, 2010

New year cards

Hey all-

I am sending out New year (instead of Christmas) cards this year. I am getting them all ready to send out this week, so I need your address. If your address has changed since last year, or I have never gotten your address, please leave it in a comment, or email it to

amberf22 at gmail dot com