Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy, Busy

We have been staying busy. Here are some of the highlights:

We made a green smoothie with some fruit, pineapple juice, and some greens and carrots from our garden. The kids loved it and asked for seconds. I would have enjoyed it more had I not known I was drinking chard...
Brennen loves to help with the laundry
I couldn't get a good picture, but can you tell what Brennen got more of? Yep, more staples! Fell off the slide and hit his head on the corner of the bricks. More blood, more emergency room.
My friend I drove to flagstaff and went snowboarding. I forgot how much I love it!
Tried to take this picture three times, but I could not keep my balance just standing there. It was either start going down the mountain, or fall on my rear...
We have been having fun!
After watching this video, you will no long wonder why Brennen keeps getting staples...

Monday, March 22, 2010

FHE, a Birthday, Cousins, and Fun!

FHE tonight was a crack up. The lesson was on "obedience" and here are some of the highlights:

Me: Kalle, can you name someone we need to be obedient to?
Kalle: Heavenly Father and Jesus?
Me: Wonderful! And can you think of something they ask us to do?
Kalle: Keep the commandments and not kill!


Me: Oakley, can you think of someone we need to be obedient to?
Oakley: Mom and Dad?
Me: Perfect! And can you think of something they as us to do?
Oakley: Not be unkind or ROAR at people.


Me: Kalle can you think of anyone else we need to be obedient to?
Kalle: Policemen?
Me: Great! Can you think of something they as us to do?
Kalle: Not take a knife and cut someones tires?


Me: Kalle can you think of a time you were obedient and it made you happy?
Kalle: One time, we were going swimming. And you asked Oakley to get his swimsuit on, and he didn't want to do it. So you said "if you don't get your swim suit on, we can't go swimming." And I started crying.


Me: Oakley, can you think of a time when you were obedient and it made you happy?
Oakley: One time, Brennen and I went swimming by ourselves. Then a dinosaur- a SHARPTOOTH- came and ate our car!
I wonder if obedience sunk in at all tonight?
I am kind of a home body. I like to get out once a day, but no more (and no less). So the kids have to come up with ways to play together and entertain themselves.
Story time with Dad before bed
For some reason, Brennen is always found first in Hide and Seek
Kalle turned FIVE! All she asked for was a flashlight and baby food (Brennen gave her some last year and she thought that was pretty funny!). Mom and Dad threw in a new play dress and a bird feeder. Wouldn't it be great if kids only wanted $3 worth of stuff for every birthday?
Posing in her birthday dress
Kalle had a wonderful day. She woke up to presents and lucky charms (something she would never eat for breakfast except on her birthday!). She got to take treats to pre-school, then go to Carson's (our neighbor) house after (I had a dentist appt.). Carson's amazing Mom took her out for ice cream. Then she got to choose what we had for dinner (Banana choc. chip pancakes). After so much sugar in one day, she was happy with blowing out the candles on her roll!
Here Kalle is with probably her best friend. He lives across the street, and they are in the same preschool class. He really is the cutest kid ever and SO nice. Yes he is a boy, no he is not her boyfriend. We don't tease about that kind of thing and she has no idea that it is weird to have a boy for a best friend.
After setting up the bird feeder, Kalle really wanted to catch a bird. We made this set-up. There is a piece of dental floss tied to the bat that leads into the house with the door open just a crack. There is popcorn under the bucket. Kalle was SO close to catching a bird that night, but she didn't know Dad had closed the door.
The kids sat here waiting for a bird for about an hour. Notice the floss coming into the house.
Tyler, AnnaMarie, Katie, and Jane came to visit for our spring break. We had WAY too much fun with them here. Here are some pictures from the park.
Brennen is obsessed with babies and couldn't get enough of baby Jane.

Tough guys... and best friends!

Then, our best neighbors (mentioned earlier) invited us for a tea party as a practice round for a birthday tea party. They had nuggets, mac'ncheese, and koolaid. The kids thought it was the most fun thing ever because they got to use real china, and only one set of dishes got broken (Brennen trying to help clean up). See video clip at the bottom!
We saw the Easter bunny at the mall. Brennen wanted nothing to do with him.
But he didn't mind the frog.
Later that day we saw an ant trail. The kids wanted to take a closer look
It was a bit sunny- don't mind the striped picture!