Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun with Friends

Yes Folks- That's SEVEN, five and under!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One smart cookie

So every parent probably thinks that their kids are smarter than average. I am no different- I think all three are pretty bright. Kalle is the easiest to brag about since she is usually the first to accomplish something, but Oakley is always right behind her. Kalle learned how to ride a two wheeler last week- Oakley is very close now (if he would only keep his eyes on the road rather than on whoever is watching him!). Kalle goes to the greatest (in my opinion) preschool there ever was. It is done by a lady in our ward. The lessons are based on the Book of Mormon and Kalle is always coming home and explaining the Book of Mormon stories and facts to me. She is also learning to read and is pretty good! If you live anywhere near McKellips and Lindsey, you should consider this preschool for your four-year old. We LOVE it!

Anyway, Kalle wanted to write a letter to Grandma today. Usually I either write out what she wants to say and she copies it, or I spell out the words while she is going. Today, for the first time, I told her to sound out the words. She did a great job and I am so proud of her. And the spelling cracks me up! When she was sounding out the word "date," she wrote "dat." Then she re-sounded it out and said, "that doesn't spell date, that spells dat." We have been talking about making a letter say its name as we read. So I said "how would you make the A say its name?" She added the E and finished the letter. What a smart girl... I think so anyway!

DeeR GRaMO, AnD GRapo,

I Luv YOO.

LeTS GO on A DATe. {heart} Kalle