Friday, May 7, 2010

So much to be thankful for...

1. Pink strawberry throw up stain on my carpet
2. Camp certification
3. The gift of the Holy Ghost

About 40 minutes ago I started this post. The kids were in quiet time, and I wasn't due to get them out for another half hour. As I was writing some funny things the kids have said recently (see below), I heard a crash coming from upstairs. This is not too uncommon, as Oakley sometimes needs to release energy by bouncing off the walls 24/7. But today was different. The holy ghost spoke to my heart and told me I was needed upstairs and fast. I think it took me about .6 seconds. I ran into Oakley's room- he was a nice purple color. He was holding his throat and obviously choking. My first instinct was to slap him on the back. That didn't work (but now he has a nice hand shaped bruise on his back- poor guy). Then I came to my senses and decided to try the heimlich (thank you camp certification a few weeks ago for mutual). This actually did work. It also caused him to throw up his lunch. He then promptly started to cry and ask me why I would hit him like that?

I am so greatful to be a mother of three beautiful children. I am also greatful for the Holy Ghost in my life. It helps me to know that the gospel is true. Its absence helps me know when I need to strive to be more patient with my sweet angels. This is not the first time it has most likely helped me save the life of one of my children (i try not to think about the Kalle hanging from the second story balcony experience). I always want to live worthy of the Holy Ghost.

On to the funny things the kids have said this week:

Whenever Brennen hands me something (food, toy, anything) so that he can use two hands to do something, he will say "Don't eat it!" Uh... I guess I have a problem...

The other day we needed to go to the bank. I first went to the wrong bank, so we had to drive to the other one. When we pulled into the parking lot, Oakley said "Is THIS the right piggy bank?"

I have been talking to Kalle recently about Kindergarten and the importance of choosing good friends who will help her make good choices. Out of the blue one day she said, "Mom, I will never play with naughty kids at school or kids that bring wine in their lunch."

I have about a million other things to post, but for now a sneak peak...
Kalle's preschool program

Helping Grandpa fix the car

Babysitting twins
playing with letters