Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feeling Bad

When the list of things to blog gets as long as it is now, I don't even want to think about blogging. But then I read my SIL AnnaMarie's blog, and I feel guilty. What wonderful memories she has preserved with all of her journaling! I need to do better. So here's to goals!!! Thanks AnnaMarie.

So here's the plan. I am going to do short catch-up blog posts on all of the great things that I missed. Maybe one a day? ---Brandt's Law school graduation, Kalle's pre-school graduation, Kalle's music program, the cabin, girl's camp, Kalle's dance recital, Oakley's first day of school, Brennen moving from a crib to a bed--- STAY TUNED!

Oh yeah- And Sugar-free week one... failure? I think not! So, although I had 2 strawberry lemonades, 2 Dr. Peppers, and 4-5 desserts (sad that I lost count), I am going to call week one a success. On the average week I probably had 7 juice drinks, 3-5 Dr. Peppers, and at least 10-12 desserts(treats)... I did pretty well. Now on to next week...

Picture sneak preview:
Brandt graduated from Law School... WOOHOO!

Oakley drew this on the magnadoodle and said "Look Mom, I drew a Ssssssssssss" I was so excited that I took his picture- He was obviously pretty excited, too.
We love to snuggle Kalle's dance recital
Oakley's ice ring
Brennen chillin at the cabin

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sugar-Free Day One

Well, not totally sugar-free. Just no pop (yes Ryan, I'm from Montana!), juice, or deserts. Emily told me you have an extraordinarily higher percentage of getting diabetes when you get older if you drink lots of juice instead of water. Since I mainly only drink non-diet pop and juice, my future didn't look very bright. But also because too much sugar isn't good for anyone, right?

Sugar-free day one results:

-Easy, no problem... until 9pm when I usually have a treat.
-Why am I SOOOO thirsty after drinking a gallon of water, when a small cup of juice quenches my thirst instantly?
-All I can think about is the tropicana orange juice in the fridge.
-Since 9pm, I have been making new rules every few minutes... 1 pop a week, pop when we are out on a date, pop when I'm at Mom and Dad's, juice when the kids have it, ice cream when Brandt has it... BAD!

No, I have not cheated yet. Yes, I tried to fulfill my craving by eating a sandwich. No it did not work. Yes, I am going to bed now. Tomorrow is another day...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cabin Fever

We (the kids and I) are in BEAUTIFUL Pinetop, AZ enjoying nature and loving every minute of it- well except for waking up way too early (the kids woke me up at 4:50 this morning).

Great things about staying at a cabin in the woods:
-Catching Caterpillars, naming them, and caring for them-until they sneak away (Kalle sobbed after losing her beloved "Angel" yesterday after caring for him for 3 days). :(
-Hiking through the woods, making markers so we can find our way back.
-Smelling trees to see if they smell like vanilla, strawberries, or chocolate (we finally found a chocolate yesterday!!!).
-running wild, not having Mom nag you to stay close so you don't get kidnapped
-starting a rock collection and finding cool rocks to put in it.
-building a camp fire and roasting marshmallows.
-going to the lake and finding the smallest baby ducks ever (Brennen- "I want to hold one" over and over)
-reading on the porch while the kids play, listening to the wind in trees and enjoying 70 degree weather in June!
-seeing a coyote out the window- only about 50 ft away
-having baby Alexis's third word be "Amber"- sorry Ashley :)

Some funny things the kids have said here:
Kalle: "Mom, all personages can feel the holy ghost"
Oakley: "Mom, this is a picture of Daddy- the Daddy at home, not the Daddy at the cabin."

Uhhh, what? I'm glad no on heard him say that! Upon further questioning, he meant it was a picture of Dad at home, not at the cabin.

We are having a blast- we miss you Babe!

More pictures when we get home. Thanks for taking these on your phone Em!