Monday, September 6, 2010

B to the Hand

Brennen is 2. He is curious. He has yet to learn any common sense. He has no fear. Yes, he has had his third ER visit of the year. (WARNING- this post contains a graphic and bloody picture of Brennen's hand. You may not want to see it... Ashley...):

We had an amazing vacation in Utah. The drive home went pretty well for an 11 hour drive with 3 young children. We pulled into the driveway at 8:30 pm- we were exhausted. As we open the garage, both Brandt and I sit there for a few seconds confused. There is water POURING from the ceiling with part of the ceiling hanging down. Brandt comes to his senses first and jumps out of the car to turn off the main water valve. To make a long story short, an upstairs toilet cracked leaving water pouring into our house for who knows how long.

We get fans put all over the house to dry things out. We move in with my parents for a few days. When we came back to move some of the fans like the guy said to do, Brennen thinks it's funny to have the fans blow him. As the fans have hand guards, Brandt and I didn't worry and just kept moving fans. Until Brennen found one that didn't have a hand guard and decided to stick his whole arm down it. After another ER trip and two appointments with the hand surgeon later, Brennen's hand is going to be just fine- a fact that both the ER doctor and Hand surgeon said is pretty much a miracle. The fan sliced all five fingers, some down to the bone, but did not touch any major nerves, ligaments, nor cut any fingers off. We feel pretty blessed.