Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our fun filled December (and a bit of Nov)!

After Christmas last year, I made Brandt promise not to ever let me get that busy/stressed/try to do too many things in December again. He did his best reminding me to slow down and enjoy myself. This Christmas was fantasticly wonderful, but I still hope to do even less next year and just enjoy the season of Christ's birth more. Here are few things that have been going on around our house the past month:

Thanksgiving at Great Grandma and Grandpa Clifford's house. So fun as usual. We have decided that we need to visit them more often!

We started a new tradition this year called the "Family Feast." The day after thanksgiving everyone gets to pick their favorite foods and we have them all for dinner. Although the dinner was not the tastiest dinner ever, it sure was one of the most fun. Kalle chose fruit salad.
Brennen chose cheesy potato skins.
Brandt chose ice cream.
Oakley chose chicken nuggets... from McDonalds. Mom almost vetoed.
Mom chose fresh squeezed orange juice.
We have been taking advantage of the cooler weather and playing outside A LOT!
Brennen, one day, decided he was ready to go potty on the toilet. With no forcing from Mom, he was potty trained. Too bad Mom had just bought 4 huge boxes of diapers from costco. Brennen was more than excited to go to IKEA and finally get to play in the kids zone- he has been looking forward to that.
I just think his little bum is the cutest thing ever in his new underwear!
Grandpa took all the grandkids to Disneyland for two days! I have decided that there are very few places I would rather NOT be than Disneyland. Although the kids had a blast, and it was so generous of my Dad to take us all, i just do not like it one bit. Too many people, too much gross food, to much hustle and bustle. My favorite part of the two days was reading my book under a tree while Brennen took a nap in the stroller. I went to bed before 8pm both nights- that place wears me out!
I ate 5 of these in two days... what was I thinking????

On our last night in the hotel, Brandt came into one of the rooms to move the boys into the other. He got very nervous when he didn't find Oakley in the bed. It took him a minute, but he finally found him mostly UNDER the bed. Luckily we had out pillows next to the bed in case of a fall.
Kalle's school had a fall concert where all the kids get to sing to their parents. I was cracking up when the boy behind Kalle (who she says she does not know) kept tugging on her curls. She was very angry about it and kept turning around to tell him to STOP!
This face says it all.
Goofing around...
The Palmer family Christmas party was great. The boys were shepherds in the nativity this year.
Kalle was an angel.
We had cousins over to decorate cookies.
Christmas with the Ferrells was Fantastic! We ate soup, sang Christmas songs, did the nativity (this time the boys were wisemen), and played the presents game. We sure had a blast.

We started another tradition this year of going out to dinner before Christmas with Uncle Taylor to "El Charro." That was Grandpa Palmer's very favorite place to eat before he died. The kids loved to see Uncle Taylor and the food was pretty good, too!

Christmas morning was nice. The kids slept in a bit longer than usual (What? Yes- you read that right!) Grandma Ferrell got them the pillow pets they have been asking for.
The kids were in heaven having Dad to play with all day long.
I got one of the books I have been wanting to read since it came out!
Kalle made her very first batch of cupcakes (and a cake) all by herself. She did great and was very excited!

What a special time of year!