Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ned's Head... we are obsessed!

My last post was in 2010, so I thought it was high time for an update! We have been playing outside a lot. Our neighbors got a new "kitty" that the kids LOVE to go chase after and catch. Too bad the cat is not smart enough to stay away when they call for it! But when I do make them stay inside, we are forever playing Ned's Head. This really is one of the best games EVER invented and the kids love it- Thanks Grandma Palmer. It is a giant head with 15 objects inside. You pick a card with a picture of the object you have to try in get out by sticking your hands in, but not being able to see. Kalle was OK at first, but the boys were hopeless. After playing it non-stop since Oakley got it for his birthday in November, they are all pros. I love it because it really does build their brains! Here is Oakley going for it:
Then, somehow, we all got sick. Having sick kids is no fun, but being sick yourself, plus having sick kids is the pits! We just laid around for a few days.

This picture makes me smile because whenever the kids see a car's back window like this, they love to shout out "RAINBOW WASH!" Kalle made it up, and we love to look for them every day.
OK, I'm pretty excited- I made a dress. No, I don't know how to follow a pattern (nor did I have a pattern to follow), but it still turned out wearable. I saw a dress like this on Shabby Apple, so I went for it. The problem is, I obviously don't know how to put a zipper in, so the dress was next to impossible to get on. With Brandt's help and 10 minutes later the dress was on!
Brennen is sure a snuggler, but don't even think about asking for a kiss...
Kalle is a story lover. She loves to spend her time reading, but now has a new favorite thing- Listening to books on CD. She loves to snuggle up in a blanket and listen when she wakes up in the morning, during quiet time, and before she goes to sleep at night.

She will listen to a whole novel in about a day, which means we have to stock up from the library every week. Our library bag has gotten exponentially heavier!
Brennen was eating some chips and green salsa from Tia Rosa when he decided it would be better to drink the green salsa. I have always been tempted to try that!
Grandpa took the boys for a ride on the three wheeler during that cold spell. They sure had fun!
This is the only picture from my birthday- sad! But it ended up being the best birthday ever! The Big 2-7.
I got to teach a class on manners at stake activities day. So. Much. Fun. Who knew that dressing up like a Fairy-god teacher could be so great!

Out to dinner with the fam- we missed you Tyler and AnnaMarie!
This picture just melts my heart. Brennen does love to snuggle.
Oakley and his very best friend Jaxon.
That's about all. My goal: to post more... we will see!