Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Brennen Boy

Today my baby boy is THREE! Can you even believe it? (I can't). He really does bring such joy to my life. He is cheerful, smart, and loves to make people laugh. He is silly and energetic. He loves to meet new people (makes for some very funny grocery store trips) and is the opposite of shy. When Oakley is nervous about something, he always asks Brennen to go with him. He loves to point out "B''s every time he sees one (about 1000 times a day!). He makes me smile with every prayer when he says (without fail) "Please help the bad guys to be good." He still leaves off some beginning sounds when he talks so sometimes he is a little hard to understand. He wants to be just like Kalle and Oakley in every way and is not afraid of a thing... oh wait- except dogs. Deathly afraid of dogs... and bees. But those are my fault. Anyway, we just love Brennen so much. I can't imagine life without his smile and bubbly personality.

Brennen- 1 week
Brennen- 2 months
Brennen- 1 year
Brennen- 2 years
Brennen- 3 years

Our stats as of today:
38 lbs- 93%
41 in- 97%

39 lbs- 62%
44.5 in- 97%

41 lbs- 24%
46 in- 59%

Brennen's favorites on his 3rd birthday:
Food: Apple
Drink: Soda Pop
Game: Candy Land
Toy: Kim's Car (toy car he got from a teacher at the gym)
Person: Heavenly Father
Color: Red
Thing to do: Clean up the kitchen with Mommy
Book: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Scripture Story: Samuel the Lamenite
Movie: George

Brennen's least favorites on his 3rd birthday:
Food: Beans
Drink: No no no Coffee
Thing to do: Go in the street

Friday, April 8, 2011


How did I ever live without these three...

(I could not even keep from laughing while taking the above picture- Oakley was looking for his gum!)