Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lehi Days 2012

Such a great family activity and definitely a new family tradition- Lehi days was so much fun!

Dressing up
Mutton busting (sheep riding)
Petting zoo
Brennen begging to ride a sheep
Greased pig chase
Pony rides
Candy, candy, candy (those darn clowns never ran out!)
Perfect weather
Being together

Brennen, Kalle, Jaxon, and Oakley

Brennen wasn't old enough to ride a sheep but thought he was some pretty hot stuff on a horse!

Oakley's horse just wanted to eat some hay

Kalle was in heaven at the rodeo. Horses are just about her very favorite thing in the world.

The kids impressed me with their attention span. They watched at the fence the whole time and loved it- we are talking hours!

Getting ready for the greased pig chase

They were a little nervous- a good cousin hug can solve that!

There were sure a lot of kids chasing after three small pigs. Oakley is sure he caught one of the pigs first and was a bit disappointed not to be declared the winner.

Girls Jr. Mutton busting. Kalle's sheep was quick!

Oakley ready for his 8 seconds of glory. Unfortunately for him, it only lasted about one and a half... and he LOVED it!

Oakley and Jaxon watching the action

Best buds waiting for their turn

The petting zoo...
Kalle loved this little chicken

Oakley holding a duck... it was one patient duck

Brennen chased and held every animal he could get his hands on

And for you viewing pleasure...
Oakley on his sheep

Kalle on her sheep- Brennen's little voice in the background warms my heart.